When we break the rule of our lord

Today was the Monday 9th July 2018, but I took leave because it had been raining continuously.
Raining was not the only reason of leave, I had a plan.
The day just gone but I couldn’t execute my plan. I can’t say here about my plan because it was the sin in the view of Islam and I had read that we shouldn’t share our sin with any of the person and make a witness. After being a human we can make a mistake, Allah knows everything about us and if he kept our sin private then why should we share it and if we share then on the day of judgement that person will be witness of our sin and we will be punished.
After wasting whole day, now I am sitting on the Western highway, earlier there were no bench on the side of this highway but municipal did something good and made the bench here.
Anyways, when I was about to execute my plan then something happened and I couldn’t do it, so I went back home and started to thinking then leaved home around 7pm and came on the Western Express highway and I don’t know, why tears just came out, I couldn’t stop it, I was just walking on the highway and tears was coming out.
I am saying it again that we can’t get the happiness after breaking the rule of Lord, the moment event we think of doing against Allah, we are rewarded with the pain which even can’t be shared.And that’s what happened with me.
I burst into tear not just because I couldn’t execute my plan, it’s because of a feeling which no one can understand.


Software Developer vs GIS Analyst

Software Developer vs GIS Analyst.
I am not in love with any of above profile. But I have to select one.
Currently I am working as a software developer but I got offer letter from Here solution for GIS Analyst.
I have said this many times that I wasn’t interested in IT field but I studied it for three years and then got freaky job after so much struggle with very less wages.
I wasn’t enjoying this job earlier but now I just accepted it like many other things in my life.
Anyways, I have to join here solution on 6th of July, they are offering 18k inr per month, after deducting p.f and some other stuff, I will get something around sixteen.
I was thinking of leaving current job of software developer and join here solution for GIS Analyst, Because software development is not my passion, so why should I do that and when they are giving just 10k inr. So I wrote a resignation letter to my boss quickly at night and next day everyone was shocked in my team when they got to know and started to aks me reason.
I didn’t tell them truth, lastly my boss called me because he was in Australia at that time, He told me “Hey ayaz , what happened, everything was going good and suddenly you are leaving, what’s the reason” . I told him many things and about the my seniors behavior and at the end I came to the point, that’s about Salary. Then he said he will talk to my senior and said he is already thinking about my increment because i am about to complete six months.
So next day I got the news that I got 5k inr increment means total 15k inr now.
I was little happy but little confused too.
Should I be in this organization or join multinational company, because as I said I am not in love with any of the profile, I am just doing it because I don’t have any other option.
But after doing research, I got to know GIS Analyst is a kind of data entry job and very easy. You don’t need to learn new technologies everyday like in software development.
Because technologies are keep on changing, you have to learn new technologies otherwise you can’t survive in the field of software development for a long term.
So I was thinking, why should I learn and give my precious time in this field when I don’t love this, instead of going for GIS Analyst where I won’t have to do all of that and I can have a stress-free time.
I have one day to decide, because the day after tomorrow is 6th July.
Mai b kaisa Insaan hu, itne arso me apna career nhi decide KR ska or khwab dekhte hu bde bde.Asl me Maine apni Zindagi me Kabhi koi bda faisla liya hi nhi, sb cheeze khud bakhud hoti gyi, or Mai waqt ke dhare ke sath behta hua yha tk pahunch gya.Mujhe ab lgne lga h mere dreams kbhi poore nhi ho skenege kyunki un dreams ko pane ke liye kuch requirements h Jo Mai Kabhi na Puri KR ska or na shayad KR pau…

Sara Tendulkar deleted my comment and blocked me

Zindagi kitni tezi se guzar rhi h, kuch pta hi nhi chl RHA, saal mahino ke barabar lgne lge or mahine hafto ke or hfte din ke baraba.Or itni tez raftaar Zindagi ke baad b Zindagi hangamo se Khali nhi h.Aaj Eid ka 3rd day tha or Mai office me tha, when I opened my insta account, I saw Sara Tendulkar pics.Before starting this , let me tell you something, In now days, I am little irritated because of one reason, why media gives so much attention to celebrity kids like suhana, taimoor, Abraham , Sara Ali Khan and Sara Tendulkar etc and yes I accept that their parents have done something that glorified our country but whats the point to give an unnecessary attention to their kids.
So, Today I saw a picture of Sara Tendulkar on Instagram with around 50k likes, it was not an issue but I have read unnecessary news about her on news paper and social media many times.
So I just don’t like when electronic media, print media or social media gives a damn attention to them.
So I commented on her pic that ” Some people are famous in our country because they have done something great for our nation just like Sachin Tendulkar. But some people are famous because they haven’t done anything just like Sara Tendulkar 😉 ” with this emoji, what was wrong with this comment but as you know, truth is always bitter and after that she deleted my comment and blocked me.
So I again commented with different account ” We can’t ignore the fact by deleting comments.BtW, You can’t understand how normal people think when they see celebrity kids like you, suhana, taimur getting unnecessary attention by mdeia.So I just don’t like this.That’s it.Delete this too.”
And again she deleted my comment and blocked that profile too.
My embarrassing moment.
What could i do. No one can digest the reality even I, because it’s bitter.
Khair, Ab kya, Zindagi to chlti rhegi or isme hangame b hote rhenge.
Mera comment thoda talkh tha or jb koi itne bde celebrity ki beti ho to thoda ghamand to hoga, kaise ek aam sa ldka use aisa keh de.
Waise use mere comment se fark nhi pdna chahiye bcz uske pics pr Sachin, harbhajan , Arman Malik jaise log comment krte h. Mai Kon hu, lekin shayad Mai kisi din us muqam pr pahunch jau jaha mere liye Sara ke class ki utni importnace na ho, or shayad Mai us din uski aankho me aankhe daal KR keh sku….Waise abhi kyu btau ki Mai use Kya kahunga..
Anyways Jo b ho , she is cute.

My cousin engagement (13th May 2018)

Raat ke 10 bjne wale h, Mai highway ke kinare baitha hu, Sunday tha to din bhr ghr pe hi tha, bahut din hua likhe hue, or itne dino me bahut sari bate Hui, samajh nhi aa rha kaha se likhu, waise in dino me sbse important bat thi Meri cousin ki engagement or wo b isliye ki usme kuch bate thi Jo mujhse Judi Hui thi, wo hmesha mujhse kehti ki Mai tujhe sari bate btati hu, Meri koi bat tujhse chupi nhi h wagairah wagairah. Lekin engagement ki itni bdi bat unhone mujhe nhi btayi, or dukh to tb hua jb pta chla sare relatives ko pehle se PTA tha, mujhe 2 din pehle pta chla , ha ye maloom tha ki kahi bat chl rhi h bt engagement fix hue kafi din ho gye the, anyways Maine what’s app status rkha ki hmare hone ya na hone se koi farak nhi pdta, na duniya me koi badlav aata h na kisi ki Zindagi rukti h, wo status dekh kr hi shayad unhone call Kiya or kehne lgi ki tu bhool gya , ghr aata hi nhi, koi Matlab hi nhi hmse, Mai Kya kahu unhe, bs wo bato tk hi apna bolti h, or Meri Zindagi me to aise hi log h, ek friend h Rahul, Jo friend bolta to h or sirf friend hi nhi blki close friends lekin pta nhi hmesha kis kiske sath ghoomta h.
Anyways , in SB bato ki wjah se Maine socha ki engagement me b nhi jaunga lekin unhone call Kiya or at least bato se hi apna to kaha , or phir se call krke ghr aane ko b kaha , tkleef to thi lekin unke is trah bulane pr unse Milne gya , bahut sari bate Hui , lekin unki kuch bato ne mujhe sochne pr majboor kr Diya, she said ” I used to think , I will marry to most handsome boy and he will be rich , he will have a luxurious apartment and many more but life just passed and today is my engagement with a normal guy, niether he is that much handsome nor he lives luxurious life , yeah he has good job and earning well but it’s not what she used to think.Phir unhone kaha Zindagi bs guzar jati h or pta hi nhi chlta , jaise Meri , or aage b bs isi trah.
Ye sb to Mai b sochta hu, unki bate sun KR Mai alag hi kaifyat me chla gya , Kya mere sath aisa hi hone Wala h, aise hi job chlti rhegi or phir ek din normal ldki se shadi or aisi hi bekar Zindagi.
Mai inhi kaifyat me tha or Yehi sb sochte sochte unki engagement b ho gyi, or aaj 1 week guzar gya, or aaj raat 10 bje highway or baith KR Mai ye likh RHA hu, Jr software developer ki job krte hue 4 month ho gye, or Maine phir se ek glti kr di , emi pr laptop le liya , mobile ki 5k emi Baki h or ab laptop ke 30k Jo 9 month tk pay krne h, or Meri salary 10k h, Mai to slave bn gya , kuch samajh me nhi aata Kya ho RHA h Meri life me, Dil me ajeeb si besukuni h, ek khalipan sa h, or Mai chah kr b in ehsasat ko apne se door nhi kr pa rha, jb friends ke sath ghoomta hu to thodi der ke liye ye sb ehsas se nikal jata hu, lekin akele me phir yhi kaifyat, pehle namaz me thoda sukun mil jata tha , lekin ab to gunaho me itna involved ho gya ki dil se emaan ki sari halavat nikal gyi, chah kr b Allah ka dhyan naseeb nhi hota , or waise Allah ka dhyan ek din me to nhi skta, sacrifice krna pdta h or Jo Mai krna nhi chahta.
Ek bat h Mai hmesha se shi Rasta janta hu , but knowing the path and following the path is different. Mai bs janta hu, Mai Kya kru.
Kl here solution me gis analyst ke interview ke liye b Jana h, aptitude clear ho gya, kl group discussion h or uske bad ek or test.
Actually Mai ye software developer ki job se bore ho gya, isme scope bahut h bt Mera interest nhi h, or gis analyst me b koi interest nhi bt wha 18k salary or sat-sun off. Bs isliye ja RHA hu, 2 din week me rhenge , kuch krne ke liye.
30 min ho gye yha baithe hue, ab Jana chahiye , aaj masjid me mujhe bat b krni thi deen-e-islam pr lekin Mai gya nhi, kyunki gunaho wali Zindagi guzar KR Mai kaise logo ko Deen ki dawat de skta hu, ha Maine namaz pdhi, or wo b aisi namaz jisme Allah ka dhyan nhi.
Kbtk is trah ki Zindagi rhegi Meri.Kab wo waqt aayega jb Mai un rasto pr chlunga jis pr chl kr log andhero se nikal KR aisi roshni ki traf aaye jisse unki khud ki Zindagi to chamki or sath me unhi ki trah andhro me doobe log us roshni me aa kr apni Zindagi ke maqsad ko poora Kiye.
Mai ab wapas ghr ja RHA hu.Ummed h Allah se ki wo mujhe jld hi seerat mustakeem pr chlayenge.


I can’t believe this.A girl, got married with one of our friend is the crush of 2 of our group.
Seems complex.
My friend saadique got married 2 years ago with his love afreen.It was not arranged marriage and in our society, doing a love marriage is kind of battle.So Asif and faiyaz helped Saadique to get married with afreen.Saadiques parents wasn’t agree with this but Asif and faiyaz made them agree later.
Now their life is going with UPS and downs, I am not that much close with Saadique as Asif and faiyaz are.
I go to Saadiques home sometime where he lives with his wife and his parents lives in another home that is little far from there.
Asif and faiyaz consistently go there but the reason to tell this story is that we went water kingdom 2 weeks back where we had a great time.We really enjoyed a lot but something happened there and I am affected by that.
And then next week, Faiyazs younger sister had a birthday,So we all went there and spent a night too.
And that night too keeps something terrible for my friends.
hm logo ne wha raat 2 bje tk msti ki, Faiyaz ne saadique ke liye ek achche room ka intezam Kiya tha jisme wo or afreen, or hm sbke liye ek alag room.Mai un sb bato ko shi se likh nhi pa rha, Actually hm logo ka ek friend Jo age me mere se thoda BDA ,or phir uski wife or ye sb mstiya, ajeeb feeling aa rhi thi.
Mera to us waqt hus kr bura Hal ho gya jb raat 2 bje Asif ne saadique ko bola ki Bhai raat ho gyi tu jakr so, bda room h , BDA bad h , achche se use KR.Us waqt mujhe itni hansi aayi ki Mai keh nhi skta.
Saadique mujhe gaur se dekhne lg gya, achcha hua ki wha pr afreen bhabhi nhi thi.
Jb wo dono apne room me chle gye or hm sb apne me to achanak Asif bola ki chl un logo se mil ke aate h, Mai bola, nhi yr aaram krne do un dono ko, Asif bola ,are kuch nhi,chlte h.Hm log phir pahuch gye or kafi der tk mehfil chli.
Now I am directly jumping to the end, 2 din bad jb Mai raat me Asif se mila to mujhe pta chla ki Asif ki Zindagi me halchal ho gyi , wo attach ho gya , wo b kisse , apni friend ki wife se or dhamaka to tb hua jb pta chla ki Faiyaz Bhai ke Dil ka ha haal b kuch aisa hi h.
Mujhe samajh nhi aa rha ye kaise hua, ye kaise ho skta h, koi kaise is trah se attach ho skta h.
Lekin Mai janta hu kuch cheezo pr hmara khud ka control nhi hota, hm na chahte hue b kisi ko chahne lgte h, or chah kr b kisi ko nhi chah pate.
Or phir ek aisa gum hmara muqaddar bn jata h jise chah kr b hm kisi or ke sath bat nhi skte.
Khair, raat 12 bj chuke the to sb apne apne ghr chle gye, Mai jb bistr pr late KR aankhe bnd Kiya to andr ek khalipan sa mehsus hua, Dosto ke sath guzare hue behtreen lamho ke bawajood lgne lga ki Zindagi ka sirf yhi maqsad to nhi ho skta.Mai hmesha ki trah khyalato me dooba so gya.
Or aaj jb Mai job pr Jane ke liye nikla to mujhe, wo raat yaad aane lgi ,water-kingdom me guzare hue wo pal bahut shaiddat se yaad aane lge, mn Kiya phir se sbko ek sath le kr khi jate or bahut Sara time spend krte or raat b.Or usme sb friend to ho hi lekin ……afreen b..

Convocation at University of Mumbai 21st March 2018

Last day, I had a convocation, I went in college after a long time, I graduated in 2017 but they called me 1 week ago to attend the convocation and get my degree, so I went there.
I was excited bcz this day comes only ones in a life but at the same time I was little sad too because my friend Rahul wasn’t getting degree because he got one KT in the last borad exam, so he would get his degree in the next year of convocation.
Anyways, I decided to make a vlog on this day, So I started my vlog from my uncle office and then I choose to go college by walk from backside gate which I used to do during my college, I captured the video of sports complex , play ground, library and my college and I talked about that in my vlog.
I reached college at 10:00 AM, I was wearing white shirt and black pant as they instructed.
I was making vlog in my college and then suddenly I saw Ms jatina, it’s been around 7-8 month, jaisi thi bilkul waisi.
I just said hello and walked away, the only girl whom I loved from my heart, but Jo b hota h wo achche ke liye hota h, Mai Kabhi Kabhi sochta hu agr wo Mera proposal accept KR leti to, 4-5 saal ka age difference tha wo to chl jata lekin ye community difference, or sbse pehli bat hm log ka koi match hi nhi tha.
Ek bat ye ki ye pyar ka chakkr palna utna asan b nhi hota, Ms jatina ki wjah se hi Mai kitna tension me aa gya tha, or third year me college chodne Wala tha, lekin Rahul ne thodi help ki, thodi Maine takleefe uthayi, phir cheeze dheere dheere theek Hui.
Lekin Ms jatina ne jisne PTA nhi kaha se Mera no liya or mujhe message Kiya or phir khud bat cheet start ki thodi khatti thodi mithi, Kabhi un feelings se Bahar aane me Meri help nhi ki.
Or Mera reply Dena b bnd KR Diya, agr aisa kuch tha hi nhi to Mera no kisi third person se le kr mujhe what’s app pr chat kyu start kiya.
Are yr, Mai is liye train ki window seat pr nhi baithta bcz thndi hwa ki wjah se Mai thoda sentiment ho KR Kya se kya likhne lgta hu.
Anyways, unhone wo black kapda Diya cap ke sath Jo Maine advocate ko pehente dekha h bt mujhe nhi pta ye graduate ko kyu pehnate h.
Phir mujhe degree mili or photo session hua or photo session to kuch zyada hi lmba chla, Mera vlog b chalu hi tha simultaneously.
Uske bad Mai Rahul or bhakti thoda time canteen ne spend kiye, kafi hansi mazak Hui.
Lekin ek bat Mai ab samjha, wo ye ki college life is the best part of our life, whether we was happy or said it doesn’t matter.Today I am feeling I should run into the past like flash and start college again but it’s not possible now. Waise Meri college life bahut zyada joyful nhi rhi, choti choti cheezo ki kami ka ehsas, feeling of loneliness, bahut sari cheeze Mai likh b nhi skta , I just feel that.starting ke 1-2 years to or hard rhe bcz of my mom illness, Mai starting me aksr library chle jata and I spend there hours and hours, bilkul tanha, PTA nhi mai is tanhai ka shikar kbse hua, lekin ye ehsas aisa hota ki Mai ghanto ek jgah baithkr guzar deta or mujhe hi pta nhi chlta, Lekin uinversity of Mumbai Jane se mere andr ek cheez to aayi or wo h self confidence.
Zindagi to guzar rhi h or ek din khatam ho jayegi lekin zaruri ye h ki Maine apne maqsad ko pura kiya ki nhi.
Isliye Maine ye faisla kiya h ki Mai convocation ke din vlog banane ke bad ise chod dunga..waise b vlog bna KR b 167 subscriber se Mai kuch nhi KR skta. Allah ne isse bdi cheeze mere liye rakhi h, lekin mujhe in rasto ko chodna pdega Jin pr Mai abhi chl RHA hu.
Allah ka Noor aise hi hr kisi ko nhi mil jata, duniya ke maal ki greed or celebrity bnne ki chahat rakhne se to bilkul nhi.Allah ko Pana h or Zindagi ke maqsad ko pura krna h to in khwahishat ko Dil se nikalana hoga.

Zayn maliks sister is my girlfriend and the bright light of this deceptive world

Again a new jamat came to Vakola from England and South Africa , there was a guy in that group, of age 20 , a young, handsome and stylish boy.I had to meet them to the people around our mosque , after everything, we 4-5 people was sitting, then that young boy asked me, how many gilr friend you have.?
I was just shocked bcz of his question , but I replied with smiling face “none”.
Then the other guy who was 24 and from South Africa quickly asked why?
I said , it’s not allowed in islam.
Then that young guy , Zayn, told me it’s very common in modern world , I said , it might be common for the world but can’t for me because of Islam.
Then he said, it’s common in Muslims too, I had many girlfriend in England and now there is just two.
I said, why should I see other Muslims, we should follow what our Islam says.
Then all in our group just said Allah-huakbar.
Then he asked me about some actors and singers , I said, I know Zayn Malik.
He laughed and then told me that Zayn Malik used to be his neighbor but now he moved in America and Zayn Malik’s sister was his girlfriend.
I said really?
He said yes, that British boy zayn was looking rich, handsome and stylish but Zayn Malik’s family is a celebrity.
After our talk finished , A guy from that group said Zayn was kidding with me but he was telling truth about that Zayn Malik was his neighbor.
When I was leaving mosque then Zayn himself met me and said I wanted to know what do you think about girlfriend, that’s why I asked and yeah I had girlfriend in past but now I left all that kind of thing.Then we said goodbye to each other and then I left the Vakola mosque.
Next day, I went to meet my cousin and I got to know that she was in depression for past 2 weeks.
When I asked the reason, she said her college friend died, he was kind of moonh bola Bhai, she told me I never thought about death, he died I could die too anytime, then what’s the point of this struggling.And who will remember me if I die today.
She had many questions in her mind but she don’t had the answer, I tried to give her my best suggestions then left the home.
But one of her question made me to think about life and death, who will remember her if she die, two weeks back sridevi, popular actress of Bollywood got dead, many actors and actresses was posting her pic on social media and the focus of whole electronic media was on sridevi.
After around two weeks, what Happened, all the actors and actresses who was posting her pic, now started to post about their own movies and all, electronic media found new topics and her own daughter celebrated her birthday, yeah it was simple but still, was it that important to celebrate a birthday. And I saw her daughter whos crying picture got virul when sridevi died, with laughing face with some other actresses, I am not saying, she didn’t feel pain on her mom death, when someone even get hurt whom we love then this pain comes automatically, and when we lost someone forever, then the pain which we feel can’t be described.
But the truth of this world is, everyone will be forgotten, no matter who they were.
There are two types of people in the world, both are in the darkness, problem is that the first one do not know how to come out from this, so he is in darkness but the second one knows but his situation is same as first one.
Hme pta hota h ki hm Jin rasto pr chl rhe h wo Rasta hme Kabhi b apni manzil tk nhi pagunchaega, lekin hm un rasto ko chodna nhi chahte, Mai janta hu ki Meri vlogging se kuch nhi hone wala, lekin pta nhi kyu Mai in rasto ko chod nhi pa rha , I know the light which looking bright is actually dark but still I am falling into the bright light of this deceptive world.
I am gonna forget too, very soon, no matter what would I be in the future, this is the deceptive world, there is darkness behind the bright light and everyone is falling in that and then they will be forgotten.

Holi and my sentiment decision

Itne arso me ek bat to Mai samajh gya , koi apni Zindagi se khush ho ya gumzadah , hr waqt guzar jata h , koi b cheeze hmesha ke liye nhi hoti, Holi ki wjah se Mai 2 March ko kitna udas tha , Holi ki wjah se nhi, logo ki wjah se lekin sirf ek din bad sari bate bhool gya, Sunday ko Rahul se Milne b gya uske sath kafi dino bad time spend Kiya.
1 March ki raat ko jis din Holi jlti h whi logo ka hmesha ka violence, rasto ko block krke unknown logo pr colour dalna wagairah, halanki ye bahut glat h, Maine is bar police ko call Kiya or unke 10 swal poochne ke bad or mere ans dene ke bad 10 min ka bolkr wo nhi aaye.
I felt helplessness and I decided bahut ho gya ab, Mai beech me kbse atka hu, na deendar na duniyadar, koi ek Rasta choose krna pdega, ya to YouTube ya music se related field me kuch aisa krna ki mujhe aise jahil hinduo ke beech na rehna pde halanki Mai agr in sb field me kuch achcha KR b liya tb b ye success insan ki Zindagi ke sath khatam ho jati h, or phir mrne ke bad ek nyi Zindagi Jo shuru hogi usme mere liye takleefo ke siwa kuch b nhi hoga and the only benefit of this success will be the happiness of this short life.
Ya phir mai duniya ki ye sb bekar cheezo ko chod KR un rasto pr Puri trah se aajau Jo Rasta prophet Muhammad s.a.w ne dikhaya tha.
Maine bahut jazbat me aa kr socha tha ki mujhe decision Lena hi h bt waqt ke sath sare jazbat beh gye.
Or aaj Monday 5 March ho gya or Maine koi decision nhi liya.
Khair , maine Mumbai se Aurangabad Safar ka sirf first part likha , Safar se Judi bahut sari cheeze aisi h Jo mujhe likhna h lekin beech me ye sb cheeze ho gyi…
Aaj subeh subeh kamil Bhai Milne aa gye msjid se , I never saw such a pious man in my life, he is around 40s and a graduate of 90s batch and doing a job in travel agency , he has a 3 cute children, he helped me in the way no one could do that, after job he spend most of his time in the dawah and the mosque.One of his speciality is that he can solve a big real life problem in just a friction of seconds.He is really a great guy.
Anyways, I am writing this diary from a running train , left the office at 6pm then perfromed Salah at mosque near station and now just writing.Oh shit my station is about to come..
Bye bye.

Aurangabad ijtema , Mumbai to Aurangabad (Part-I , 23rd Feb 2018)

Safar chahe kitni hi khusiyo or umango ka kyu na ho , ek musafir jb Safar ke liye niklata h to uske andr ehsasat ka ek samundr hota h , manzil ki doori , ghr walo ki fikr , raste ki mushkile or na Jane wo kin kin khyalato me hota h.
Or Mai jb Mumbai se Aurangabad Safar ki shuruat KR RHA tha to Mera zehan inhi khyalato ke samundr me dooba tha , ye Safar Zindagi na milegi dobara ya ye jwani h deewani ki trah to nhi tha lekin ye mere liye un sbse bdh kr hone Wala tha.
Khair , ye Safar ki wjaha Aurangabad ka ijtema tha jisme musalmano ko gather Kiya gya tha , in ijtemao ki ek khas bat ye h ki isme na government se help li jati h na koi private firm se isme hr area ki masjid se kuch logo ko kuch time ke liye Kam krna pdta h , chahe wo Ameer ho ya gareeb business krta ho ya Meri trah job , sb brabar , in ijtemao me islam ke un rules ko follow Kiya jata h jisme tamam insano ko brabri ka haq Diya.
Mai ye travelogue likhne se pehle ijtema ke bare me bta du ,
Ijtema musalmano ke Jo zimmedar h wo meeting ke bad fix krte h or is ka kharch jaise sound sytem , pindal , toilet , khana etc masjide-wise divide Kiya jata h jisme jiski Jo haiysiyat ho wo deta h ,ek ajeeb bat ye b h ki isme zyadatr ameero se time liya jata h or gareebo se Paisa ab agr Mai ye likhne lg jau ki ameero se time or gareebo se Paisa kyu liya jata h to iske liye alag se Article likhna pdega.
Khair , phir wha Kam ke liye Jo workers chahiye unhe hire nhi Kiya jata , wo hr masjid se jate h jaise yha hamri Santacruz ki masjid se electrician , plumber wagairah ko bheja gya or wo ijtema ke pehle jakr krna pdta h.
Bahut sare aise musalman hote h Jo rozana masjid nhi aate unhe at least ijtema me pahunchne ke liye kaha jata h or unse koi Kam nhi liya jata . Mai utna religious to hu nhi lekin aksr Majid jata hu to mere liye b thode bahut Kam the ijtema se pehle or ijtema ke din , jaise Jo log Jane wale h unki list bnana , or unse bus ka kiraya Lena or Nye logo se mil kr unhe ijtema ke bare me btana wagairah wagairah.
Islam ne 1400 saal pehle ek usul btaya tha ki agr kuch log Safar pr ja rhe ho ya sirf 2 log hi kyu na ho to usme 1ko chief bna Lena chahiye or phir Safar me Jo kuch b Kiya jata h wo us chief se pooch kr or chief jaisa b ho uske order hr halat me manne chahiye jbtk ki wo koi galat bat ka order na de or aaj jb Mai un usulo ko pura hote dekhta hu to iske faide apni aankho se dekhta hu.
To hm Friday 23rd Feb ko 10 bje rat me nikalne wale the , hmari masjid se takreeban 200 log the jiske liye 3 bus ko book kiya gya tha , 30 log 20 Feb ko hi chle gye the , kyunki wha bahut sare Kam the , mujhe b Jane ke liye kaha gya tha bt total 7 din Ki leave nhi milti , isliye bs 3 din.
Hme nikalte nikalte 12 bj gye because of lack of leadership, kynki hmari msjid ke senior 20 ko hi chle gye the or yha kuch hi log the jinhe sb cheez handle krni thi jisme Mai b tha.
Khair jb 12 bje bus nikli to logo ko sukun mila , sb log apni apni seat pr onghne lge ,is bus me total 50 log the jisme hmare chief ashfaque Bhai the or smjho unka right hand Mai , bcz list wagairah Maine bnayi thi to mujhe idea tha un sb ka.
Meri seat aage thi lekin Maine apni jgah pr ek buzrug sathi ko bitha Diya or khud sbse peeche baith gya kyunki Safar to kaise b kt hi jayega , hmari wjah se kisi ko thoda Aram mil Jaye.
Bus apni speed se chl rhi thi , shayad 2 bj chuke the.maine starting me socha tha ki vlog bnaunga lekin zimmedaro ne strictly mna Kiya in sb cheezo se to phir un rules ko todna shi nhi hoga.
Achanak mere zehen me khyal aaya ki Mai Aurangabad kyu ja RHA hu , Kya Meri ye gunaho wali Zindagi me kuch changes aayega , ya phir Meri Zindagi ka Safar Mumbai to Aurangabad Safar ki trah khatam ho jayega or Mai sochta reh jaunga.
Bus highway pr pahuch chuki thi , or sb log apni apni seat pr so chuke the or Mai apne khyalato me gum.
Highway pr bus ki speed bdh gyi isliye hwa ke tez jhoke mere face pe pdne lge or Mera zehan Quran ki us verse ki traf chla gya jisme likha tha ki Jo mere raste me struggle krega mai use zarur hidayat dunga.
.ye khyal aane ke bad Mere Dil me ek sukun sa aagya or Maine aankhe bnd krli.

Priya prakash varrier and the Holi shit.

Priya prakash varrier , ek aisi ldki jiske video ke ek chote se part ne pure India me dhoom mcha di or sirf 1 din me uske Instagram followers 1 million cross ho gye or 2-3 dino me 3 million.
Video me kuch khas tha b nhi bs wo apne school me ek ldke ki traf dekh kr aankh marti h jisse wo Sharma jata h , is trah ki cheeze Bollywood or tollywod me aaj se nhi bahut pehle se ho rha h lekin pta new generation ko usme Kya lga ki usko aisa pasand ki Facebook ho ya what’s app ya Instagram ya koi or social media hr jgah bs Priya Priya.
Hmare pm modi sahab ne kuch din pehle kaha tha ki ek pkode bechne Wala daily 200 RS kamata h to Kya wo job nhi h kehne ka Matlab pakode bechna bhi ek job h , lekin hmare pm sahab ko ye Kon samjhaye ki aaj ki generation itni mehnat se pdh kr engineer doctor ya koi degree pkode bechne ke liye nhi leti.
Ye bat kehne ki wjah ye thi ki hakeekat me yha ki new generation pkode bechne layak hi h , ki ek faltu so video ko aisa viral Kiya ki bs uske alawa 2 din tk social media pr kuch tha hi nhi.
Or bad me ek bat or pta chli ki us video me Jo song tha usme prophet Muhammad or unki wife ka zikr tha.
Isliye hyderabad ke kuch ldko ne Priya prakash pr case b Kiya.
Khair dekhte h aage Kya hota h , filhal to zindagi utni hangama khez nhi thi , lekin Kal raat ghr aate waqt kuch ldko ke haath me pani se bhri Hui polythene dekh kr mere andr ek ajeeb si leher daur gyi , mujhe pta tha holi aane wali h lekin abhi 10 se b zyada din Baki the.
Holi ke din kisi pr water phenkna samajh me aata h halanki us din b anjan logo pr phenkna galat h lekin abhi jb 10 din se zyada Baki h aap doosro pr kaise pani se bhari Hui polythene phenk skte ho.
Anyways Rahul got the job in here solution lekin yr us din mujhe usne shocked kr Diya when he told me he had interview there and I said you should tell me too about interview then he replied ki us din zycus me tu akele interview ke liye gya or mujhe btaya tk nhi , I was shocked.Mujhe usse ye ummeed nhi thi , Maine bahut interviews diye h Mai Rahul ko Kai bar interview ka btata bt wo utna interest nhi leta isliye kai bar Mai usko Bina btaye interview de deta.
Bt uske Dil me ye chl RHA hoga , I never thought.
Life was already filled with disappointment but this holi shit ….and some pain from your family and friends…. what a guy can do whose life is like a BANJARA , doing an IT job which he thinks is a purposeless.