I quit

It’s was a 10nth day of my boring job , I earlier liked web development field , but now I don’t know what happened , I don’t like this anymore , whether it’s because of my company or environment or maybe it’s not the things which I wanted.
How I spent 9 days , i can’t explain , I used to feel like prisoner , my manager always keeps eyes on me , waking up at 7-8 am , taking breakfast , going for job by Mumbai local , And I have already explained about Mumbai local , and changing two train to reach office , spending 9 hours there , once I literally cried in train when coming home , I got bored , fade up and damn coding.Oh my God.
Anyways, that day my manager went to met the client who’s website I created two days ago , After sending link to that client of his website , he called me and started to shout what you made , how rubbish this is bla bla..
And client called me because my manager wasn’t receiving his call , I told everything to my manager , Manager told me to say to the client that we will meet you tomorrow ,and he didn’t went to meet him and client was continuously calling me and shouting , finally he went today and when came back , he started to shout on me.He showed me my mistakes in website , That was correct , but he should check the website before sending it to client and I am a fresher , I could make a mistake , so it’s his responsibility.I was already frustrated , I Just said him , I can’t do this job anymore , keep it with you , thank you and leaved the company.And this was not the only reason to quit.I feel burden , boring and more specifically a purposeless thing.
I was standing on the gate of train , it was raining , not heavy , I was thinking …now what , a jobless IT Graduate , who don’t like coding , programming and suffering from disease of being famous , Suddenly heavy rain started , few peoples went inside , but I was still there..I was feeling a joy inside me , A free life like a bird who can do anything , I don’t had regret of quitting a job , the joy I felt that time cannot explain in word.


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