Fear of career

After so much interviews , finally I got selected in a company for web developer.I applied for an internship but they said they will give a full time job.
First time when I went in that company for an interview then I decided , I wouldn’t come here again.Because everyone want a dream job , a dream company. I too have some desire , but that company are even below the normal.
Second thing they are paying me just 9000 rupees per month.
But now I don’t have options , I am waiting for my final semester​ result and have given dozen of interviews but not got selected and 3 month just passed after exam.
So I decided , I would work here for at least 3 month till then my final result will be declared and I will try to improve my skills and obviously I will get the experience too.And after that I will look for something better.
And I said to my all relatives and Friends that it’s an internship because if I will say them I am working as a web developer for 9000 rupees then surely they will make a joke and specially my aunt who’s daughter earning 30000 per month but she have done MBA from a top institute.
This all thing is a part of life , but apart from that , I don’t know why I am afraid , I used to think if I wouldn’t get my dream job , my dream life then what , and this kind of job surely never give me a name in this dark world.I am afraid that I wouldn’t be remembered , And my purpose of a life will be wasted , I am feeling disappointing , depressed , helpless , loneliness. What should I do , No one can understand what I think and how I think even I dont have words to explain it.
Oh my Lord , show me right path.


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