I quit

It’s was a 10nth day of my boring job , I earlier liked web development field , but now I don’t know what happened , I don’t like this anymore , whether it’s because of my company or environment or maybe it’s not the things which I wanted.
How I spent 9 days , i can’t explain , I used to feel like prisoner , my manager always keeps eyes on me , waking up at 7-8 am , taking breakfast , going for job by Mumbai local , And I have already explained about Mumbai local , and changing two train to reach office , spending 9 hours there , once I literally cried in train when coming home , I got bored , fade up and damn coding.Oh my God.
Anyways, that day my manager went to met the client who’s website I created two days ago , After sending link to that client of his website , he called me and started to shout what you made , how rubbish this is bla bla..
And client called me because my manager wasn’t receiving his call , I told everything to my manager , Manager told me to say to the client that we will meet you tomorrow ,and he didn’t went to meet him and client was continuously calling me and shouting , finally he went today and when came back , he started to shout on me.He showed me my mistakes in website , That was correct , but he should check the website before sending it to client and I am a fresher , I could make a mistake , so it’s his responsibility.I was already frustrated , I Just said him , I can’t do this job anymore , keep it with you , thank you and leaved the company.And this was not the only reason to quit.I feel burden , boring and more specifically a purposeless thing.
I was standing on the gate of train , it was raining , not heavy , I was thinking …now what , a jobless IT Graduate , who don’t like coding , programming and suffering from disease of being famous , Suddenly heavy rain started , few peoples went inside , but I was still there..I was feeling a joy inside me , A free life like a bird who can do anything , I don’t had regret of quitting a job , the joy I felt that time cannot explain in word.


Cow Vigilante

I was shocked when I heard first time that a group of people killed a man in India because they suspected him to having a beef at his home.
Yes , Mohammad akhlaq was killed near capital of India by a group of Hindus just because they thought he has beef.
But unfortunately this was not the last incident.And then it became my daily routine to hear mob lynching cases.This type of attack started when BJP government came into the power and still going on.
After a while the 55 year old pehlu Khan was waylaid by a mob in alwar on april 1 2017 when he was transporting cows for his small dairy farm , beaten up mercilessly , and he dies of his wound two days later.
Recently , junaid Khan a young muslim guy was killed in a train by group of people near Delhi , junaid Khan was traveling with his two friends , they was going home after shopping from Delhi and who knew that junaid’s journey will never finished. They had some stuffs in their bags which they bought from Delhi and they was looking muslim guy because of their clothes , so some people spread the rumors that they have beef in their bags and then everyone knows what happened , they was attacked , just because of rumors that they have beef , even if they were have then should they be killed.And there was many people apart from attackers but no one tried to saved them.But yeah thank God that his two friends somehow saved their lives.
I can’t write about everyone who are killed by a group of Hindu people call themselves cow vizlante , because it would take countless time to do that. It’s happening everywhere in India whether it’s Gujrat , UP , MP , Rajasthan. Fortunately Maharashtra was safe from this kind of mob lynching but recent weeks , one incident took place in rural area of Maharashtra too.
The only reason it’s continuously going on is because the current government of India is not taking a proper action against this cases.They are indirectly supporting fundamental powers. Accused are still free and innocent people are suffering.
When my brother was going banglore , so my mom asked what should I prepare for you to eat during travel , my brother said chiken , then my mom said no no , situation is not good , I see news daily that people are attacked because of that reasons which I explained and then my mom made eggs for him.
I was hearing their conversation but I didn’t say anything.To be honest , I am little afraid about it , I don’t care about my life but my family are most important for me.
Our prime minister is very expert in talking , he can talk hours and hours and one of his favourite stuff is to travelling , he has traveled around in 60 countries after becoming a PM.But what he did for India , unrest is growing , freedom of speech is under threat , mob lynching , cost are so much high and he is showing people a dream by his talk.
Some people think that someday a new government will come and situation will change but what a traveller can hope who have lost in the the dark world.

Fear of career

After so much interviews , finally I got selected in a company for web developer.I applied for an internship but they said they will give a full time job.
First time when I went in that company for an interview then I decided , I wouldn’t come here again.Because everyone want a dream job , a dream company. I too have some desire , but that company are even below the normal.
Second thing they are paying me just 9000 rupees per month.
But now I don’t have options , I am waiting for my final semester​ result and have given dozen of interviews but not got selected and 3 month just passed after exam.
So I decided , I would work here for at least 3 month till then my final result will be declared and I will try to improve my skills and obviously I will get the experience too.And after that I will look for something better.
And I said to my all relatives and Friends that it’s an internship because if I will say them I am working as a web developer for 9000 rupees then surely they will make a joke and specially my aunt who’s daughter earning 30000 per month but she have done MBA from a top institute.
This all thing is a part of life , but apart from that , I don’t know why I am afraid , I used to think if I wouldn’t get my dream job , my dream life then what , and this kind of job surely never give me a name in this dark world.I am afraid that I wouldn’t be remembered , And my purpose of a life will be wasted , I am feeling disappointing , depressed , helpless , loneliness. What should I do , No one can understand what I think and how I think even I dont have words to explain it.
Oh my Lord , show me right path.