Life of a graduate boy in india

I am writing this from an interview room , not exactly from there , actually completed first round of interview and waiting for their reply.Its my fourth interview after completing graduation but not got selected anywhere.I don’t know that it’s my mistake or something else because during my graduation in IT I studied many subjects but nothing in detail and company don’t want all skills in one person they want a deep knowledge in one particular field and basics of others from a candidate.But I know basics of many subjects because of our syllabus but not a depth knowledge of any particular subject.
By the way , I am not interested in doing a job in any IT company but I have to do it for sometime because I don’t have my own money to do something like startup or making a vines on YouTube or something else.
Actually the problem with me in now days is , I am suffering from a disease to being a popular like singers or some of YouTubers like PewDiePie , movlogs or sham idrees.I spend lots of my time to watch​ their videos and try to make video like them at my uncle’s office.I think , I don’t have my own dreams , I just try to do everything but unfortunately not able to do anything.
I am stuck in this life , I don’t know what to do even I completed graduation. I am living a purposeless life which is leading to me into darkness and disappointment of not only this short life but that eternal life too.


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