Eid( Day of happiness) 2017

Again today is Chand Raat , one month just gone . Ramadan started and finished , my life is same as it was earlier , I failed to complete it’s purpose .
Tomorrow is Eid means the day of happiness , but I think it’s not for me. It’s for true believer who keep fast of whole month and sacrifice their will , their bad habit to become a righteous and I am little far from it. I kept fast but it’s not the only thing which should be done , the purpose is to become a righteous.
Tonight my cousin Trannum sent me message that you forgot us , one month gone and you didn’t meet and even didn’t message but I was thinking if I didn’t went to her home and message her then when she did.If someone really wants to talk you they find a way.
And the truth of this modern world is that no one cares about no one.Our self doesn’t matter for anyone. Today we are here , maybe tomorrow not , but nothing will change , everything will move as same as past .Our existence is confined only with us. Our demise will not change a bit in this world.But people don’t understand it. I didn’t give excuses to my cousin.
Anyways , tomorrow is Eid and I hope that this Eid may bring light in this dark world.


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