India vs pakistan

Today was the final match of champions trophy between India and Pakistan. Cricket is just a game but it’s no longer be a game when there is India and Pakistan.
As an Indian , I always supported Indian team because it’s my country and I love it. But I always give respect to not only Pakistani team but all the other teams like South Africa, England, Australia etc.
I still remember my school days where some of my friends used to support Pakistani team during India pak match and I used to argue them , how you can support Pakistan , India is our country and it’s not a religious war so that you are supporting Pakistan , it’s a game.I did not know why they used to support pakistan . Whatever the reason was , I couldn’t change their thinking.
Now I grown up , I saw the change in India , I saw the situation of Muslim community. And I realized many things.
It’s a todays story , when I was going market , there was a TV on road and people was watching match , I stopped there to see the score and that time one of Pakistani batsman just completed century and doing sujud ( a way of thanking Allah ) , That moment everybody started to abuse him , even not only him but all Muslim community.I felt so much anger not only because they was abusing Muslim community but because of their stupidity and act of spreading hates. I know all are not like that but I am seeing number is increasing and politicians are playing good role in this.I heard that India is developing , education ratio is growing and people are being aware of the new world but after seeing all of this , I understood rusticity and vulgarity of some nation never goes.
It was not only the one story , I see discrimination , I see violence , I see double standard and all of this changed my thinking.
I am being honest , now sometime , some part of my heart support pakistan. The truth is I don’t want to support Pakistan but It just happens and why it’s happens , it has not only that reason which I mentioned above but a long.
But if we see everything logically, then supporting other team in a game is not wrong , it’s not a war. I like leonal Messi and I am not only the one there are millions of his fans. So are they rebel of their nation?
But in India , you can support anyone in the world but not Pakistan and if you do then you will call rebel.
I would just say , it’s a game , the one who plays good , win.So we should take it as a game , we should not spread hates , we should respect other teams and if there is darkness somewhere then we should try to bring light instead of being a part of it.
But I know nothings gonna change , people got the mentality even I , and it can’t be changed easily.


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