Ramadan 27 May 2017

Today was “CHAND RAAT” means Ramadan will start from tomorrow.
Islamic calendar is based on moon , if moon appears on 29th then current month considered of 29 day and new month start from now onwards but if moon doesn’t appear on 29th then it appears on 30th and then next month start.
So today was a 30th day of a month in islamic calendar , so obviously Ramadan will start from tomorrow.
I remember childhood when we used to go on terrace after sun set to see moon and I still remember the happiness of seeing a moon . First day moon just appear for some minutes then disappear. We used to see moon continusly until it disappears.
I went in masjid at 9pm , it was full because the holy month of Islam just started in which door of heavens are opens and the door of hell are closed and shaitan are chained.
Traveeh just started , my elder brother Reyaz was imam there for traveeh , his way of reciting Quran was same as Arabian people , and it was so sweet .I was standing with people in line in position of namaz , the only voice was coming of the Quran , I don’t understand Arabic but still I just love this.
I came home after finishing traveeh , took dinner and slept early because I had to wake up to take sehri( Sehri means , during Ramadan , Muslims take some food before approx 2 hour of sunrise and then they eat after sunset and that’s called iftar). Tomorrow I woke up at 4 took some meal and went for fajr namaz , after long time I was going for fajr namaz , everywhere was silence , wind was flowing slowly.
I was thinking , will I complete the purpose of Ramadan . Because Allah mention in Quran ” O who you believe, fasting has been prescribed for you as it was been prescribed for those before you that you may become righteous.”


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