Last day of college 11 May 2017

It was a last day of college , basically we had to show our project to external examiner. All wore formals as given instructions.
When I entered in our department , I saw everyone was busy in thier work , some students was taking photos , after all it was the last working day , after that we have to come for convocation.
Finally our number called , there was four members in our team , Rahul , Tejas , Pranay and me.Rahul started introduction about project , he was explaining good but I thought it should be more described so when he took break while describing I interrupted and then started , when I stopped she asked some questions to me and my team and my other team members also explained some module of our project but we got a problem, there was some errors in our project and we didn’t​ find while testing.So when external examiner asked who was I think 40+ woman about the error then we don’t had answer.
Our project guide who guided us during project development and who approved our project one day ago was behaving like it’s all our mistake but it’s his too because he should be careful when he approved our project.
But we can’t do anything , so finally this session got over , I wasn’t happy because of this.
Anyways, after that we enjoyed there , took group selfies and then everyone started to leave.
But something more happened that day , my friend Rahul came who bought a new bike and said I will drop you to your home. I have been living in Mumbai for 5 years on rent and this was the third home we changed and currently living. But I never brought any of my college friends to my home because I was living in a slums area , it doesn’t matter what I had in past and what I have at my village or how I have lived in jaipur.Yeah that too was not luxurious life but 100 time better than this.
I just don’t wanted that anyone knows about me even rahul was my close friend in college but in everyone’s life there is something which they don’t want to share with even close friend.And that’s why I always try not to go to home of my friends.
By the way , he didn’t give me time to think and said let’s go , I couldn’t refuse him , so I just went with him.
As I said earlier my home was not far from college so when we was about to reach, I was thinking should I ask him to come home or what should I do.I was thinking but we just reached and I did not invited him even he came first time.
As I think ,there is boundary in every relation whether parents-childrens , friendships anything and we should always be in that boundary. But even if Rahul knows about me that where I stay it doesn’t bother me but I just didn’t invite him. I don’t know why.
He also didn’t ask anything about that and started bike and left.
I was seeing him going. Then I also started to walk towards my home reached there, removed my shoes, put the bag and lay down.It was a long day today and I was gonna be free.So I was thinking and when I fell in sleep, I even don’t know.I woke up when I heard mom voice to take the dinner.It was being 11pm. I took dinner then went for a walk .
After long time I came on Western Express highway at night. Everything was same there , same lights , same road but maybe speed of vehicle has become faster.I was walking on highway keeping headphone in ear , which music was playing , I did not know , car was passing right from me with more than 100 KM/hr. All vehicles was coming and going , they knew where they are coming from and they knew their destination but what a guy can do who do not understand from where he came and he has no idea about the destination.The guy who thinks life has a great meaning but he don’t understand the meaning of life.


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