A small trip

After long time , I was traveling in Mumbai local , luckily my junior college and degree college was near by my home so never needed Mumbai local.. According to railway , approx 4.5 million passengers travel daily in Mumbai local and it is called life line of Mumbai.But I can say it is the worst travel service in entire world. people travel like animals , you don’t need to walk in local when you stepped in or out bcz crowd will throw you in or out.
By the way my friend insisted me to go for roam , I refused as usual but later on I agreed as usual.But now I am angry on me why I agreed because there was so much crowd like the hell , I had laptop inside my bag and we was waiting for train and when train reached , crowd just ran and I just collapsed with rod between the gate of train and my laptop was about to break but somehow I made a way to go inside.Somehow this journey finished , my friends home where we was going sourrounded by mountains and was like lonesomeness , our plan was to go at his home and after little rest we was supposed to go for roam.My friend offered us a great lunch specially chiken biryani was very tasty.
Finally after lunch , around 5 pm we leaved home . That place was really lonesomeness , dangerous yeah but beautiful too.Everywhere was just mountains trees ,deep fossa.If someone fall down from mountain , no one even will know.
I was sitting on a small rock on the top of mountain , the sun was about to set , darkness was growing with time and city was looking beautiful from there .We enjoyed there , took selfies and decided to go back because after sun sets , there would be only darkness , no Street lamp or any kind of light.We came back to my friends home. Again we had a great dinner , after that we went for walk. We came back soon then I started to complete my project on my lapy and my friends was watching​ IPL match.
Till 1 am , everyone slept but there was no sleep in my eyes , I was also laying down but then I got up quietly opened the door and stepped out , and went near mountains that was not far from there , I just sat there but everywhere was just darkness and moons and stars was trying to bring light. Everything was silent there , I could even hear my heart beat.Darkness , moons light and silence made the environment mysterious.
I was thinking , is this the meaning of my life.If it is then why I am not happy , obviously my life is not purposeful life.Why I am still unaware to the purpose of my life, maybe I know but why I don’t follow.
I was thinking and thinking but at last I stood up , still there was darkness , a daunting environment. I came back , door was still opened as I did.I quitely locked it and went on the bad but sleep wasn’t there in my eyes so I started to write this on my phone notes.After completing it I will try to sleep because I have to go back tomorrow morning in my usual purposeless life.


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