Last Day of Exam 29th March 2017

I was just going through what I studied in past three months.10 minute was left to start the examination and this was the last exam out of four subject and all four was back to back so could not get time for preparation and for this subject my preparation was worst , By the way I am not interested in theories but practicals.Anyways there was a girl sitting right behind me and studying but I observed , whenever I turn back(Because of hot day and exam pressure , I was just walking , studying moving myself here and there) she was looking at me.But later it got cleared , she was actually staring me.But I just went in my classroom because 1 minute was left.I was feeling
bore inside the examination hall because I knew five to six answer in out of fifteen , I wrote it properly and then looking at metro which was coming and going , I was sitting in the classroom which was on 6th floar near window and there was a metro station in front of window.I was relating life with metro , means we are just here and peoples are coming and going and someday some good people comes and modifies us ,Give us good look and many more.I saw in the classroom , mostly was busy in writing , some students was looking here and there.Some had small
papers in thier pocket and they was just doing copy and paste.fortunately I never did this in my whole education life , Its totally wrong for me.But today first time I wrote few words on my palm , I just did it and I am feeling guilty , even that question did not come.That was just few words and even I decided to remove it before entering in classroom but I just forgot.After exam I was standing outside the college with my friends and discussing about exam which usually all students do and I saw that girl is coming who was staring me before exam.She was with her friends and again I observed she is looking at me and smiling too.I told about this to one of my friend who was mature guy.He told me , if you want then go and talk to her ,I said what should I talk and why should I talk , My friend said beacuse she is looking and smiling at you , so go and ask her about exam.During this talk she was smiling me with constant rate , I was little hesitating , I dont know why .Then she started to walk towards metro station with her friends and still she turned and looked at me .My friend said she is looking , so go and at least ask her mobile no.I said , I cant do this.He forcefully brought me at metro where she was going.He gave me his return ticket and said follow her I am coming and went to take ticket for me.I dont wanted to do all of this but
I was just doing , I dont know why and this was the first time when I was doing this kind of thing.When I reached at platform , she was there with her friend.I was thinking what I should I do but my friend just came with a new ticket.He asked what happened , I said nothing .He said , its a last chance for you ,If you will talk to her then something can happen otherwise she is gonna left forever.I said , I dont have any reason to talk to her , if she is looking at me so what , why should I talk.If she wants she will come to me and talk.He said , you have reason if you dont then you dont share this with me I dont know whats that reason.Suddenly train came , they got inside , I was not going but my friend just got me inside even he had to go another side.I was standing in metro and she was right from me and my friend was at left.Train was just moving fast and I was thinking what should I do then my pinched me , I saw him , he whispered in my ears about to talk .I said OK but suddenly station came he had to left this train because his home was opposite of this route , he was just coming for me.So he stepped out and said me loudly talk.
After he leaved , I wrote my number on paper and waiting for right time but I was hesitating.Next station was about to come , and I had to left and I did not know about her stop , so basically I dont had time.Train was being slow , I was just thinking and my heart was beating very fast.
I just put my mobile no with my name in the side pocket of her bag and stepped outside.
I dont wanted to do all of this but it just happened.In our life some stories just happens for maybe some raeson or no reason.I dont know will she see
my number and call me or whats app me.I know this story from metro is even not gonna start , but still I dont know why I am waiting …..this endless wait …, maybe someday I will get a call or message or maybe she will never know that a guy have put his contact number and name in her bag and maybe this endless wait will never end .


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