2 Apr 2017

Usually I sleep late , I like to do something when everyone just fallen in their sleep.And now days I have many things to do , Like final year college project ,final year board exam etc.So I do stuffs at night.
But rather than study I spend more time in watching videos , and I got addicted to some of hollywood TV series , earlier I never used to watch any kind of hollywood series but I am influenced by my friend rahul who have watched almost all famous hollywood TV series.I have watched only Flash and Walking dead.But Walking Dead TV series changed my thinking.Its amazing TV series Even its not close to real life but still it taught me many things.Rick and their group was facing zombies and bad people , yeah my life is not so tough but still its full of shitty things .
But today I was just waching Pakistani singer Momina Mustehsan’s video continuously.Her smile is very innocent and her voice touches my heart.I don’t know why I was just checking her instagram account , twitter and some of her interviews continuously for 2-3 days. Maybe it’s a temporary addiction but Its not only because of her voice and beauty there was something more which I was seeing in her.In one of her interview she said she was afraid to face people , she is very simple and even don’t know latest fashion.But she showed me a way, she said about her future planning that she want to complete her master and want to work at UN.Something clicked in my mind and I started to think But let it be I will talk about it later because I am feeling sleepy.I don’t want to think much , I just want peace I am falling in sleep.