UP chief minister (22 march 2017)

I got busy in my prelim exam , so couldn’t write.I am in the last year of graduation.My final board exam will start on 26 April 2017 and will complete on 29 March.So I just want to complete it nicely.
But apart from my study , there are something more about which I have concerns , situation are becoming more difficult for some community in India , election just got over in one of the biggest and populous state of India ,UP . Again BJP won. It’s not the problem but they chosen a CM who is one of the most controversial leader , not only in UP but in India.
A normal person can judge him by his speeches , once he likened Bollywood star Sharukh Khan with a terrorist.Once he said about Nobel winner mother Teresa that she was the part of conspiracy to Christianise  India.
He is facing criminal charges of attempted murder, defiling a place of worship and inciting riots in Uttar Pradesh(UP), a state where communal tensions run high and religious violence four years ago killed more than 60 people.
I can’t write here every nonsense story of him.But how the ruling party of India can select him as a CM after all of this.
His speeches was always controversial and against Muslim community.once he said we will kill 10 Muslims if they will kill one of us.
I was hoping a good nation even our PM always says ” SABKA SATH SABKA VIKAS ” but their decision was always against this.The world is becoming more dark and I am just an audience .
Maybe someday , I will open my eyes in the morning and will see the nation which I see only in dreams and there will be light , there will be freedom , there will be everything which a happy nation needed
but …..
still ….
life has to end.


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