Logan Movie with college friends(14 march 2017)

My classmates was going for watching Hollywood movie Logan.Earlier I used to like movies a lot , but with time it’s just gone.Rahul who is one of my good friend and classmate was insisting me to come and he was even paying for me . Initially I wasn’t agree but the way he asked , I can’t refused.
We all was thirteen people , theater was in one of the biggest mall in India phonex market city , we took ticket which costs just 90 rupees.
We reached here 30 min earlier , so everyone was talking about movies , I was sitting and thinking about last day , I gone through.
Anyway It was a best movie of all X-Men series , but maybe its the last movie of this series because Logan just died at the end of movie. I am praising this movie is because I had seen all series of it .
This movie was full of actions , little emotional and comedy scene. We all started to laugh loudly when the funny character of TV series ad had the same name as one of our friend.Everyother just started to look on us .We all suddenly became quiet.
Everyone knows that whatever we watch in the movie is just a imagination but when we watch , we just lose in thinking , we just think to be a superhero who save the people or many more. But the actual world is totally different.
But I know that whatever we are thinking today , it will be different after some day . I was so sad one day ago and now I am here watching movie with friends. But to get our dreams , we have to be consistent.
By the way, after movie we just took photos , selfies. I was just going with situation , just trying to enjoy some moments with friends. It was a good day , because I laughed after many days , I know its just a temporary happiness.
But everything in this world is temporary.


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