New morning (13th march 2017)

Today was Holi festival , Last night I purposely slept late because I don’t wanted to wake up 8-9 am as usual , even if I do , I can’t go outside because people just throw colors , water . It doesn’t matter whether you know them or not. But I oppose it totally. India is a country of different religions , communities.some people from other religions may not like this. But even if they throw on me , I can’t do anything because I am living here for 4 years , I do not know peoples here except some people from my college and masjid where I used to go daily. And where I stay all are Hindus and unknown for me .
Initially when we moved in Mumbai after my 10nth I was like time pass boy I never used to think about this kind of thing but time and situation made me little serious .
After all of this I realized , I am very weak , I just wasted 20 year of my life and I realized community from you belong is very important. I am not only the Muslim boy who is facing problem in Mumbai, there are more and in the whole world.
It’s just a little, situation of Muslim community is worst in entire the world. The community who ruled in the half of the world have become slave , It doesn’t matter how many Muslim countries are there in the world, they are just name , ruling are someone else.
Situations of not only Muslims but any communities can’t change until unless they don’t want. I am just waiting for new morning when the things will be different but It’s not looking easy.
Sometime I used to think about ISIS and I know whatever they are doing in the name of Islam is totally wrong and against the Islam. But I can’t bring light in this dark world, so I just think to be the part of this darkness. But however this life is , it’s gonna end at some stage and then I have to pay in hereafter for what I did in the world , and I don’t wanna go in front of Allah with sins , with killing of innocent humans. So I am just going with flow , I don’t have any other choice , maybe someday I will get the morning which I am looking for but even if I don’t get , this life is surely gonna end but the hereafter which is never gonna end will be the happiest place for righteous and they will enjoy there forever and ever.


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