The Dark world and me (11nth March 2017)

I was coming home from masjid at 9 pm. The distance between masjid and my home was around 200 meters. Suddenly a polythene filled with water came and passed just right from me.I understood holy has come. I still remembered last year when someone near my home thrown me this shitty water and when I opposed it they just came to me then I called some of my friends but then they ran away.
And again this shitty festival has come , actually I am wrong, if some people are doing wrong behind this then Its not festivals fault.
Once I said I never like Mumbai , there are many reasons and maybe one of these reason is this festival.
We just need one point to hate something and we just need one point to love .
Earlier I did not like Marathas when I knew they don’t want outsiders like people from Bihar , Up , Rajasthan etc in Mumbai and their leader always make outsiders fear by their speeches , activities.
But later on , I realized that all Marathas are not like that , whatever their leaders do is just a politics, just a way to take a vote. And it’s not the problem of Maharashtra but the all over India not even India but all over the world. British government ruled in the world and their famius rule was “DIVIDE AND RULE” , Now they have gone from India but still politicians are using their rule.
Sometime I used to think, when I will have money , I will move to some good place , some safe place but when I hear about the discrimination with blacks in USA , when I hear about Palestine and when I hear about Syria’s civil war , I just lose my hopes. I just feel like there is only darkness in the world.
And we can’t come out from it.we can’t fix it.
It’s not about killing some people or group of people, It’s not about making a deal , It’s something which can’t be fixed. This will ended when the sun of our life will set and we will leave this dark world forever and ever.


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