Will I be a Celebrity? (9nth March 2017)

Today I was coming from college , I saw crowed around sports complex building , I asked to some people they told there is some function inside the sports complex building and many celebrity was there like Amitabh bachchan ,juhi chawla and some more . Amitabh bachchan given the speech and something more happened and after everything when they was going everyone was just dying to take a selfie with them , just to talk them but they just came outside and went and how they can meet with hundred of people individually , they have lots of things to do they have their own life ,family. And this is not only Indian story but the story of the world.In some other place , people are die heart fan of justin bieber , Shakira ,Angelina ,Messi etc. and sometime people do something nonsense or more than expectation for their heroes.
Anyway the moment Amitabh bachchan sahab came out from the building everyone just tried to go near but the security was high , so people just started to take photos. But I was just standing there silently ,I did not had any feelings , I was just watching them.Everyone was just coming out and going.
I always wanted to be like them , whenever I saw this kind of thing then this feeling become strong but just having a dream of being celebrity is not a big deal , everyone in the world want that but everyone do not get their dreams. If someone want to be a something bigger in life then they have to do something bigger. Otherwise life will just passed like my 20 year has gone.
After everyone gone I also turned to go home which was one KM far from my college and I used to go by walk. I was just walking , Cars was going just right from me with speed of 100 KM , I was thinking will I be a celebrity someday like Shahrukh Khan , Amitabh Bachchan or in US like Justin Bieber or Messi or my life will just passed like unknown or If I do not become a celebrity then what or If I become a celebrity then what.I was just thinking and thinking .
I still do not know ,Who I am ,what is the purpose of my life and what I am doing here.


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