Who I am?? (02 march 2017)

I got little busy after reaching home from three days in the way of Allah .So I could not write.
Today I am thinking about to introduce myself. Because little introduction about diary maker is important.
I was born on 4th September 1997 in Jaipur in middle class family but Jaipur was not my native place .I actually belongs to Bihar , the most uneducated people’s state in India. Anyway, I have five brothers in my family and I am second.
We lived in Jaipur for few years then moved in Bihar, my native place, then we lived in Bihar for few years and there I took basic education of Islam like Quran etc. then moved in Mumbai , the dream city of India where currently I am living but that’s not the end of my journey we lived in Mumbai for some time then again moved in Jaipur and then we lived there till I completed my 6th standard then again we moved in Bihar and I completed my 10th from there and after 10th once again we moved in Mumbai and till now we are here.
So basically my life is like a gypsy who don’t own home , no one knows him because I never been any particular place for a long time. Every time we move and everything of my life get change , my education , my friends and many more now I just have memories of some place.
So currently I am living in Mumbai , This city is not good for middle class family because everything is very expensive here. Middle class person just dream of their own home , their life just passed but they do not get their own home.
I never liked this city , Whatever people call it ,dream city or economic capital of India.
Mumbai comes in Maharashtra , and Maharashtra is basically Maratha place , Where the great Maratha empire existed.
And now it has become history like others empire.But still Maratha play important role in Maharashtra.
After this journey , I am not certain where life will take me , even I used to think I am new to this world , I do not know anyone ,no one knows me , actually who I am?


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