24 Feb 2017

Today some people came from masjid to meet me. They was saying me to come with them for three days in the way of Allah ,not for any war or any kind of so called mujahedeen activities. Just for to learn Islam .
I had annual function next day in my college, so I was little confused what should I do and important thing is that I was supposed to sing a song.
But finally I decided, I will go in the way of Allah. I can’t explain why I choose this even if I do, others can’t understand.
This is a global age , technology made the world totally different , life have become so easy and luxurious even we don’t need to drive a car , It has become automated. In this age night also shine like the day . But still , why I think , in this light there is darkness which we don’t see.
I have attended many functions but it just give temporary happiness. It never gives a peace of heart. And I am looking for a peace of heart. I never got this , maybe because I still don’t know the purpose of my life , Until unless I don’t find that I will never get peace of heart.
So I decided to go and once someone said me ” Dilo ka sukun to allah ke rasto me mila krta h”( we get the peace of heart only in the way of Allah).


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