18 Feb 2017

I am writing this content at 1:33 AM.Because I just reached home from hotel not by celebrating something but doing a waiter job.I never wanted to do this not because Indian considered it low level kind of thing but I just not like this.I started this after my junior college exam because in summer vacation I had nothing special to do and specifically our economic situation was always like ups and downs.So I just started it and now after three years I am about to complete my graduation I have been doing this not daily but once twice or thrice in a week.But I liked one thing in this job ,I always got chance to see and talk to a pretty girl.But in my luck there is nothing more than this.I used to come alone except if one of my friend swapnil were be there then I comes with him.Today he did not come ,that hotel was about one mile far from my home and I used to go by bus but I never used bus or any vehicle while coming because at night I like walking very much specially on high way when car is moving more than 100 km/h right behind us. Three year has gone by walking on the same high way ,nothing has changed same highway,street lamp,car moving same as last three year and me too.I blame my luck some time but Its all because of me ,I could do something better but I just wasted my time in college , at home here and there.
We create every darkness of our life but its we who are gonna bring light but to do this we have to change ,we have to be something else.Lets do it…


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