14 Feb 2017

Wooden door with heart - vignette

Wooden door with heart – vignette

Today is Valentine’s day. After opening eyes in the Muslim family, I never thought about this girlfriend-boyfriend relationship.So basically, I am single.some unmodernised Indian criticized this relationship.They says it’s encourage immodesty, casual sex , and frivolous relationship in society. I don’t know whether they are right or wrong. But in now days things has changed , boy or girl , they just wanna use each other , rarely people have true love. I am saying because what I see around me. And I don’t think true love needs this day.
By the way , After so much restrictions about this relationship in our society, I just fall. Because there is something which doesn’t care about the boundary. That’s the true feelings for someone. What people called this , doesn’t matter.
And this feeling for whom , I never imagined , my pretty teacher.
I knew that is not possible with her but after knowing everything we do nonsense thing because we do not think by mind but the hearts.And one sided feelings really very dangerous specially when its first time.
So I proposed ,got rejected ,got depressed lot of things happened.But yeah we learn things with time , with circumstances and that’s called experience.So today’s day is normal day for me.


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