24 Feb 2017

Today some people came from masjid to meet me. They was saying me to come with them for three days in the way of Allah ,not for any war or any kind of so called mujahedeen activities. Just for to learn Islam .
I had annual function next day in my college, so I was little confused what should I do and important thing is that I was supposed to sing a song.
But finally I decided, I will go in the way of Allah. I can’t explain why I choose this even if I do, others can’t understand.
This is a global age , technology made the world totally different , life have become so easy and luxurious even we don’t need to drive a car , It has become automated. In this age night also shine like the day . But still , why I think , in this light there is darkness which we don’t see.
I have attended many functions but it just give temporary happiness. It never gives a peace of heart. And I am looking for a peace of heart. I never got this , maybe because I still don’t know the purpose of my life , Until unless I don’t find that I will never get peace of heart.
So I decided to go and once someone said me ” Dilo ka sukun to allah ke rasto me mila krta h”( we get the peace of heart only in the way of Allah).


18 Feb 2017

I am writing this content at 1:33 AM.Because I just reached home from hotel not by celebrating something but doing a waiter job.I never wanted to do this not because Indian considered it low level kind of thing but I just not like this.I started this after my junior college exam because in summer vacation I had nothing special to do and specifically our economic situation was always like ups and downs.So I just started it and now after three years I am about to complete my graduation I have been doing this not daily but once twice or thrice in a week.But I liked one thing in this job ,I always got chance to see and talk to a pretty girl.But in my luck there is nothing more than this.I used to come alone except if one of my friend swapnil were be there then I comes with him.Today he did not come ,that hotel was about one mile far from my home and I used to go by bus but I never used bus or any vehicle while coming because at night I like walking very much specially on high way when car is moving more than 100 km/h right behind us. Three year has gone by walking on the same high way ,nothing has changed same highway,street lamp,car moving same as last three year and me too.I blame my luck some time but Its all because of me ,I could do something better but I just wasted my time in college , at home here and there.
We create every darkness of our life but its we who are gonna bring light but to do this we have to change ,we have to be something else.Lets do it…

14 Feb 2017

Wooden door with heart - vignette

Wooden door with heart – vignette

Today is Valentine’s day. After opening eyes in the Muslim family, I never thought about this girlfriend-boyfriend relationship.So basically, I am single.some unmodernised Indians also criticized this relationship.They says it’s encourage immodesty, casual sex , and frivolous relationship in society and it’s not considered good in Indian society.I don’t know whether they are right or wrong. But in modern age, things has changed , boy or girl , they just wanna use each other , rarely people have true love. I am saying because what I see around me. And I don’t think true love needs this day.
Anyway, After so much restrictions about this relationship in our society, I just fall. Because there is something which doesn’t care about the boundary. That’s the true feelings for someone. What people called this , doesn’t matter.
And this feeling for whom , I never imagined , my pretty teacher.
I knew that its not possible with her but even after knowing everything , we do nonsense things, because we do not use our mind that time but follow the heart.that lead us to wrong path and we get into one sided endless feeling.
And one sided feelings are really very dangerous specially when its first time.
I proposed her,got rejected ,got depressed , lots of thing happened.But yeah we learn things with time , with circumstances and that’s called experience.So today is the normal day for me.

13th Feb 2017

I shocked when heard announcement by sir that only david selected for a job in out of three of us.I started to think how its possible ,Aptitude test ,group discussion and psychometric test every thing was good and yet I thrown away.
I planned a huge building based on this job and by hearing this everything just demolished.
But we cannot blame others for anything which happens with us.We should find our mistake.
In now days many people says ,there is no job ,but they are wrong because if you do not have anything in you then why
company will hire you.You do not need to go anywhere , company will come to you but make yourselves like that.
Anyway I was little sad because of this failure.But hope this failure will give me success.